There is just sprendid gorgeous and traditional hotel in Nikko.
They offer all the elegance and services expected of a resort, as well as hospitality.

Their original take on traditional kaiseki cuisine incorporates plenty of Western influence, featuring multiple courses of exquisitely prepared local seasonal ingredients.



Two Western-style suites are available on the top floor. Terraces offer spectacular views of the Kinugawa river, as does the spring-fed outdoor bath built from Towada tuff.



Six Kanaya-style Japanese rooms with open-air baths are available. There are spring-fed outdoor baths, which are built from Japanese cypress and Towada tuff.



You can select three types of pillow to accommodate your height and firmness preferences. Request for loaning aroma diffusers (orange lavender scent) are available. How wonderful!

Seasonal vegetables are fully incorporated in healthy “Kaiseki Cuisine:” which takes advantage of the grace of clear stream in Kinugawa.


【Kunugawa Kanaya Hotel】

Address: 1394 Kinugawa Onsen Ohara, Nikko, Tochigi
Tel: +(81) 288-76-0002
(9:00~20:00 daily)