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Kazahaya no Sato かざはやの里 | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

The garden lies within the Ise Hot Spring Golf Club on an approximately 70,000 square meter steep range of hills. Gardening work on 650 plum trees, 1,800 wisteria vines and 75,000 hydrangea bushes is carried out daily. As the first flower garden to adopt horticultural well-being, a therapeutic floral landscape that blends well-being and the environment can be seen in winter, spring and summer as beautiful seasonal flowers bloom. Delight in a stroll to the songs of wild pheasants and Japanese bush warblers.


The Plum Festival at Kazahaya no Sato
The festival is held every year from early February to late March, depends on the weather. The flower garden “Kazahaya no Sato” -Kappa no Furusato-, which combines welfare and the environment, is about 70,000 on the banks of the 3.8km-long “Kazehayaike”, which is related to Todo Takatora, where Oda Nobukane set up a camp in a battle. It is located in the Ise Onsen Golf Club in the hilly area of ​​㎡.

People with physical disabilities who use the facilities of the social welfare corporation Seijukai collaborate with wisteria 10,000 m2 (10 types 1,800), hydrangea 33,000 m2 (31 types 77,700 shares), plum 25,000 m2 (46) I do gardening work every day (555 seeds). As Japan’s first flower garden that incorporates horticultural welfare, beautiful flowers bloom in spring, summer, and winter, and you can see the “healing flower landscape” that combines welfare and the environment. Enjoy a walk in the barking of wild bird pheasants and warblers. It is a facility that dog lovers can enjoy, such as dog runs and shooting spots for dogs. You can enjoy plum blossoms, wisteria, hydrangea and flower viewing for a long time.


Plum Season at Kazahaya no Sato Garden
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General Information
Type of Attraction: Botanical Garden

Address: 4096 Tokicho , Tsu City, Mie Prefecture 514-1138
Telephone: 059-255-5755 (8:00 – 17:00)
Contact Email: info@kazahayanosato.com
Opening Hours: 8:00 – 17:00
Holiday: Open every day during flower festivals
Wifi: Free wifi available
Parking: Available for 200 cars and 10 large sightseeing buses


Admission Fee
During the flowering season
Over 18 years old: 300 yen
Under 18 years old: Free
Non-flowering season
Visitors to the welfare facilities outside: Free

*Anyone can enter the flower garden regardless of golf play. Those who have practiced course play and at-bats at the Ise Onsen Golf Club can visit the flower garden for free.


Ease of Access
15 minutes walk from Heki Jinja-mae Stop on the bus bound for Sakakibara Hot Spring from Kintetsu Hisai Station
5 minutes from Ise Expressway, Hisai IC


Plum Festival
Visitors can enjoy the scenery of red and white plum blossoms in the green grass with 650 plums of 45 species, ahead of the plum blossoms and hundred flowers, which are perfect for early spring trips. Take a walk between the grass and the plum blossoms and love the beauty of a single flower. In late March, one flower becomes a red and white flower, “Goshiki Ume blooms.


Kazehaya Pond
Emperor Suinin made one of the 800 irrigation ponds nationwide in October 1935, and it is still one of the prefecture’s leading water resources for fields. After that, Todo Takatora named him “Kazehaya Pond” because he named “Kazehaya” for the land where he worked on irrigation work.


Horticultural welfare
The staff of the social welfare corporation Seijukai acquired the horticultural welfare of the NPO Japan Horticultural Welfare Promotion Association, and fertilized, pruned, and weeded “ume, wisteria, hydrangea” with people with disabilities in the flower garden throughout the year.


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