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[Kawazu-zakura] Prunus Lannesiana Wils

There is Mr.Iida in a spot of 1,2km and Tanaka, Kawzu-cho in a garden of home to Amagi-san from Izukyu Kawazu station for pulpwood of KAWAZUZAKURA. About 115cm of the age ,about 50years, about 10m of tree heigh ,and about 10m of tree margin and trunk round current.

You can see Beautiful Illumination in the night 18:00~21:00 . Please enjoy sakura viewing by walking river side .
People enjoy Yozakura, the Illuminated cherry blossom at night. I recommend you to see it because It’s fantastic and very beautiful.

Kawazu sakura tree’s original is here in Kawazu-cho.
Now , We can see Kawazu sakura in japan any famouse sakura places.
But you must see original one , here in Kawazu-cho. It takes about 1hour from tokyo.
Every spring , many parks get crowded with viewers and street stalls.

It may be still cold in early spring, especially at night time, so please wear a jaket . Don’t forget your cmera!
Enjoy yourself in Kawazu-Matsuri of Full of sakura.

Infomation about sakura tree

Adress:72-12 sasahara,kawazu-cho,kamo-gun,shizuoka-ken
Tel: 0558-34-1560
10/Feb~10/Mar 2016
Light up time for the Sakura tree in the night 18:00~21:00