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Kamogawa Seaworld in Chiba

Kamogawa Seaworld is an amusement park with a collection of 11,000 marine creatures from 800 different species.


At the display zones, you can come into contact with these creatures in environments that replicate as closely as possible their marine habitats, such as Eco-aquaroam, which recreates the habitats in Japanese rivers as they flow to the sea. At Tropical Island, which displays tropical coral and South Pacific fish, and an enormous shore reef, where a variety of marine mammals and penguins live.


Furthrmoe, the shows featuring charming performances by these marine mammals are really popular. Prepare to be surprised and impressed as killer whales jump energetically and toss their trainer into the air, while beluga and dolphins achieve startling feats in the water, and sea lions perform a uniquely comic show.



Other attractions include the pelicans going for their daily walk, night adventures, and areas where you can interact with the creatures, taking photographs with them and petting them.

The park features the only restaurant in Japan where you can watch killer whales swimming past as you eat, as well as a restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean, making diners feel as though they are on a cruise ship.



There are also many gift shops with an array of exclusive products.


If you have time, why not come and join?

【Kamogawa Seaworld】
Address: 1464-18 Higashicho, Kamogawa, Chiba
Tel: +(81) 4-7093-4803
Hour: 9:00~17:00
varies depending on season


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