A luxury hotel with spectacular view of Mt. Fuji is here in Shizuoka; Fugaku gunjo!


The superb view of Mt.Fuji, apparently floating on the ocean, can be enjoyed from the outdoor hot spring provided in guest rooms.


All rooms have an open-air bath. The room where you can see both the sea and Mt. Fuji is unique in Japan and a memorable experience.
A guestrom with a view of Mt. Fuji and the shining blue of Suruga Gulf!!


You can enjoy the luxurious time at guestroom.

You will also enjoy Japanese-French cuisine prepared with local ingredients such as Toi seafood from Suruga Bay and fresh vegetables harvested every morning from their own garden. You can enjoy your breakfast in bed or dine outside on the terrace surrounded by nature if you want.



Beautiful views of Mt.Fuji can be enjoyed from Fugaku gunjo as well as the nearby cape. The Cape for Lovers is said to be the lucky spot for matchmaking simply by ringing the love-call bell three times.


【Hotel Fuji Fugaku gunjo】
Address: 2461-1, Yagisawa, Izu-shi, Shizuoka
Tel: +(81) 558-99-1111

photos taken from official website.