The Hakone area, where you can enjoy many famous cherry tree sites. The cherry trees in the mountainous region of Hakone are remarkably beautiful as they harmonize perfectly with the surrounding scenery.


One of the famous spot is Miyagino. It is located in the mountains of Hakone. Lines of cherry trees extend for around 600m along the banks of Hayakawa River, which flows through this region.


Flower viewing is exceptional during the cherry blossom blooming season, as the surrounding nature and river sounds envelop visitors’ senses.


You can fully enjoy the wonders of springtime at this popular Hakone cherry tree site!!


Best time to see is beginning of April to mid-April

【Hakone Sakura Blossoms Festival in Miyagino】
Address: Miyagino, Hakonemachi, Ashikarashimogun, Kanagawa