Do you know “SHINISE”? “SHINISE” is a store which of long standing.
In JAPAN, it is very difficult for company to survive such a long time!
That’s why most of Japanese respect for “SHINISE”.
It was opened in 1964!!


Chef’s recommendation is “KAISEKIRYOURI”. It is traditional Japanese meal.
It is mainly the simple meal served before having tea, at a tea ceremony,The art of the tea ceremony, based on the spirit of Zen Buddhism,, aims at simplicity. Accordingly, this cuisine also excludes meat and centers on a vegetable diet. However, the “kaiseki ryori “served at restaurants is removed from the spirit of Buddhism and, instead of simplicity, only appears to have a rivalry of flavors all the time.
Look at these ones.




These are very delicious!!

You should come and eat !!

Address : 350 Yamanouchi, Kamakurashi, KANAGAWA
Tel: 0467-23-3723
Hour:11:30~14:30 / 17:00~1900 (Make sure make a reservation in advance)
Closed: No closed day