Futarasan Shrine is located by Chuzenji Lake, and said to be founded in 784 to worship Mt. Nantaisan. The shrine stands between the main shrine of Futarasan-jinja Shrine and Okumiya, located on the top of Mt. Nantaisan. It is said that a yellow bell in this shrine answers to prayers of those who seek a good match, and anyone can toll the ring freely.


Mt. Nantaisan has 2,486m high volcano, looks very magnificent. The volcano is also known as the object of worship of the World-Heritage Nikko Futarasan-jinja Shrine and houses the Chugushi on its base and Okumiya on its top.


The shrine grounds are mostly free to enter except for a small paid area to the left of the offering hall. The paid area features a small forested garden with a couple more halls, a spring, old sacred trees and closer views onto the main hall  that stands behind the offering hall.



【Nikko Futarasan Shrine】

Address: 2307 Sannai, Nikko, Tochigi
Tel: +(81) 288-54-0535