Ntural animal park. 80kind of about1000 animal shows the from of the wild to a savage beast animal and the herbivore in each season.


It’s very popular tourist attraction around Mt. Fuji it’s possible to take a jungle bus and give food to an animal of bear and lion where. It can be see quit imminently, so even an adult is quite able to enjoy himself .


The contact zone it’s possible to finger a small animal of rabbit acutually is very popular with children too. also ,possible can hold a baby lion .

It’s possible to see Mt,Fiji in the park by a place !!

店名 Fui Safari Park
住所 225-27 suyama, susonoshi ,sizuoka
電話 055-998-1311
営業時間 3/16-9/30(9:00~17:00) ,10/1-10/31(9:00~16:30), 11/1-3/15(10:00~15:30)
店休日 Open throughout the year