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Former Matsumae Station Remains 松前駅跡 | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

Former Matsumae Station is the site of the JR Matsumae Line station in the Hakata district of Matsumae Town. It was the site of JR Matsumae Station, which was abolished in February 1988, and at that time there was a station on the west side of Matsumae Castle. Almost all the station buildings and railroad tracks have been removed and turned into vacant lots, but the stone monument of “Matsumae Station, the southernmost town in Hokkaido” built in 1978 in hopes of the development of Matsumae tourism, the former Kanko Information Center, and the tourist information map. Remains as it was at that time. Until the early 2000s, the store in front of the station still existed. The three inns scattered around the station are still open.

Cherry Blossom Season at Former Matsumae Station Remains
A part of the former railroad track has been maintained as a road, and in the section near the old Matsumae station, the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom in early May. If you are interested in the history of Matsumae Line, you should visit it once.

General Information
Address: Hakata, Matsumae, Matsumae District, Hokkaido 049-1505, Japan
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Cherry Blossom Period: Late April to early May

Ease of Access
Around 95 minutes by bus from Kikonai Station: 95 minutes,1300 yen one way, one bus every 1-2 hours.

Direct buses between Hakodate Station and Matsumae: 3 hours, 2100 yen one way

Attractions Nearby
Matsumae Castle 720m
Road Station Kitamae Ship Matsumae 520m

Matsumae Park 660m

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