Summer! Fireworks Festivals Season!


Red, yellow, blue, and white—fireworks lighting up the night sky with a booming sound signal the arrival of summer in Japan. In Tokyo, more than 20 fireworks festivals are on nearly every weekend from late July through August.

Let us introduce some of them.

4.Edogawa Fireworks Festivals


Approx. 14,000 fireworks will be launched! What a huge!


Date: August 6th (Sat)
Time: 19:15 to 20:30

Location: Edogawa River side

Highlight: Really powerful opening with seeing 1,000 fireworks in 5 sec!!


There are about 8 themes and you enjoy every moment.

There are many festivals in Japan through July to August, and traditonal way is wraring Yukata for festivals.
Why not also try wearing Yukata with seeing summer fireworks festivals?


You definately feel Japanese culture!