Have you ever been to Edo Wonderland Amusement Theater?


There is still a slice of the Edo Period left for to you find. Pass through the sekisho border checkpoint and progress down the main road that leads to Edo, on the way you will pass through the peaceful shukuba inn town, before finally arriving in Edo.


There are noble samurai with topknots, ninja lurking on roof tops, beautifully adorned geisha, and cute village girls dressed in kimono, you’ll run into all kinds of characters in Edo! – And you even have the option to transform into one!

Try out Edo-period cuisine and occupations, and before you know it you’ll be a real Edo citizen!


There are a variety of programs at Edo Wonderland designed to give you real Edo period experiences. For example, there is Edo work experience for kids and even an adult ninja experience. With the help of our talented Edo townspeople you’ll be sure to have a great time.


You will try ninja training ground for the shuriken – one of the ninja’s seven tools.
Breathe deeply, and let out a shout as you launch the ninja throwing star – come on, give it a go

They offer a wide range of unique souvenirs for you to choose from!


【Edo Wonderland】

Address: 470-2 Karakura, Nikko, Tochigi
Tel: +(81)  288-77-1777
Hour: 9:00~17:00
Closed: Wednesday