The museum where history in Edo andTokyo, culture and a life can be sensed.

The model which reproduced the state of Rokumei-kan in Meiji Reriod an the Ginza brick district exhibits the state of the those days in three dimensions including the large model which reproduced Nihonbashi in the Edo Piriod and a playhouse by the size of priginal i the permanent exhibition hall. Ukiyoe ,a kimono and a living tool also exhibitmaterial in those days richly every season, and history in Edo and Tokyo can be learned while enjoying oneself.


edo-Tokyo museum ( edo-Tokyo hakubutsukan )
Address: 1-4-1, yokoduna, sumida-ku , Tokyo
Tel : 03-3626-9974
Open : Tursday-Friday and Sunday 9:30~17:00 ,Saturday 9:30~19:00
Close : Monday