Chiba-Prefecture lies to the east of Tokyo.

The west side cities of Chiba are almost residential areas.  

But  the east side, they have some pastoral scenery.

The most highest mountain there is Mt. Atago, 408m.

Quite flat & hilly prefecture, Chiba.

Beautiful & peaceful place

Why don’t you come there??

~Discover Chiba Prefecture~


1.Narita Airport Terminal

You had Your Airline ticket to Japan “Tokyo-Narita (NRT)”?? 

If so, you won’t arrive in Tokyo.

Must come to Narita-city in Chiba !

2.Narita-san Shinsyo-ji

This is one of a headquarters of 71 Shingon Buddhidt temples in Japan.

People wants to come here to pray for the safety of their family, drive and journey.

It’s located in central Narita.

So you can get there only for 10 min by train, Keisei-line, from Narita airport !



3.Tokyo Disneyland

The same way as Narita airport.

Disneyland in Japan has been named “Tokyo-Disneyland”

But don’t  think of it located in Tokyo.

It’s at Urayasu-city in Chiba !!



4.Kujyu-kuri Beach

The beach occupies much of the northeast coast of the Bōsō Peninsula in Chiba.

It is about 66 km long, making it the second longest beach in Japan, facing to the Pacific.

There are a lots surf-points and surfers.

You will see a spectacular view of rising sun with them !!




Cyoushi-gyokou located at Cyoushi-city in Chiba is the one of leading fishing port in Japan. 

Fishers from other places in Japan are heading for the fishing port

as a base of offshore and coastal fishery.

During New Year holidays,

each of fishing vessels raises some unique flags called “Tairyou-bata” meaning for a large haul.

That’s one of a spectacle view of Japan.

You will feel like ” Cool !! “

Chiba has a lot of enjoyable places where you don’t know.

Discover Chiba Prefecture !!