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Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel in SHIBUYA


The main concept of this hotel is selection, tradition and creativity.
This is one of the luxuly hotel in tokyo and very accessible. It’s 5minutes walk from Shibuya station.


If you will be in a robby you can enjoy a high quality space which is an enclosed by tokyo’s beautiful night view and flowers and greens.


This is a cerulean tower NOHGAKUDO.
NOH, KYOGEN is one of Japanese traditional culture so you can also enjoy Japanese culture here as well.


The guest rooms are sophisticated in design without being ostentatious, providing a relaxing atmosphere to bring calm in heart and mind.


Many room variations are available, the popular “view bath-type” with a spacious bathroom featuring a wide window for an excellent city view.

【Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel】

Address: 26-1 Sakura-gaoka-cho, Shibuya,Tokyo
Tel: +(81) 3-3476-3000

photos taken from official website


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