Nikko Kanaya Hotel

This Nikko Kanaya Hotel is the most famous accommodation in Nikko. It is known as a classic hotel which is ope […]

Hotel Shikisai in Nikko

Chuzenji Onsen Hotel Shikisai is ideal for relaxing and sightseeing. The hotel is distinguished by its commitm […]

Hoshino Resort Kai Nikko

Have you heard of Hoshino Resort? Kai Nikko is a group resort hotels aound Japan and is a hot spring inn nestl […]

Asaya Hotel in Nikko

Would you like to stay at one of the most popular places in Nikko, Kanto area? Would you be interested in tryi […]

Hotel Tokugawa in Nikko

Hotel Tokugawa, ther are just 15 guestrooms with the theme on hot spring joy. The hotel is surrounded by plent […]