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Ashinokoen Station 蘆野公園車站 | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

Cherry Blossom Season at Ashinokoen Station
Ashinokoen Station, located in Ashino Park, is popular for its 1,500 cherry trees and old pine trees. It is also known as a place where a famous novelist from this area, Osamu Dazai, used to play.

An interesting feature of this large park is the orange retro-looking train of the Tsugaru Railway runs under the beautiful cherry blossoms in spring on the rail track laid across the park. You might feel as if you are in a movie, especially when beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom are around you.


Kanagi Cherry Blossom Festival
Each year during Golden Week (April 29th through to May 5th), Aomori’s Ashino Park hosts a cherry blossom festival that celebrates the beauty of spring. The park grounds are dotted with over 2000 cherry trees and numerous evergreen pines, and its such a beautiful sight that it has been listed on Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom viewing spots. The park is one of Aomori’s best hanami spots and is crowded with visitors during Golden Week.

General Information
Address: Ashino Kanagi, Goshogawara, Aomori 037-0202, Japan
Admission Fee: Free
Cherry Blossom Period: Late April to early May
Number of trees: 1,500
Varieties of trees: Somei yoshino, satozakura, etc

Ease of Access
From Hirosaki Station, take the Ou Line to Goshogawara Station for around 50 minutes. Then walk one minute to the Tsugaru-Goshogawara Station and get on the Tsugaru Railroad for about 20 minutes to Ashinokoen Station.

Ashinokoen Station is located inside Ashino Park in Goshogawara city, which is part of the huge Ashino Chishogun Prefectural Natural Park. It is a beautiful place with a rail line (Operated by Tsugaru Railway), Lake Ashino, walking trails, camping grounds, hanging bridge, Dazai Osamu Monument (one of great fiction writers of 20th century in Japan), and trees especially sakura trees. Rowboats are also available for rent on the boathouse on Lake Ashino.

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