Let’s to see Beautiful Flowers in ASHIKAGA-Flower Park!!
You can enjoy all season defferent kind of Beautiful flowers in bloom and trees in blossom.
One of the prime attractions of this park is its Japanese wisteria.

ASHIKAGA Flower Park
ASHIKAGA Flower Park

What is ASHIKAGA-Flower Park ?
Each year can be roughly divided into eight thematic chapters.
~ Eight Floral Seasons ~

[ Chapter1 ] Heralding Spring January~February

Snow fence appears on 250 points in the park. You can see flower pot arrangement of flowers at early spring focusing on a FUYU-BOTAN in the inside.

ASHIKAGA Flower Park 2
ASHIKAGA Flower Park 2

[ Chapter2 ] Spring Flower Festival March~April

By in the park as well as a visit in spring, start to see blooms 20,000 Tuber of many multicolored tulips. Also you can see SAKURA and YUKIYANAGI.

ASHIKAGA Flower Park 3
ASHIKAGA Flower Park 3

[ Chapter3 ] Wisteria Story April~May

Fuji is famouse Frower tree of Japan since ancient time and also sung by Manyoshu.

[ Chapter4 ] Rainbow Garden May~June

The color is buried in the island where a rose blooms a flower of a vivid rose with red, yellow, orange, blue and white. One side is filled with a floral fragrance of 2500 stocks of rose from the middle of May when a rose blooms to june.

ASHIKAGA Flower Park 4
ASHIKAGA Flower Park 4

[ Chapter5 ] Blue & White Garden June

The flower stage which changes in each seasn. You can enjoy the beatiful stage colored by blueand white hydrangea and an iris.

[ Chapter6 ] Water Nymphs July~September
You can see tropical water lily on the pond from the piar. About 1500 stocks of tropical water lily blooms at noon, and there are seed and night in bloom seed, and it can be enjoyed it in spite of day and night also you can enjoy its fascinating fragrance.

[ Chapter7 ] Purple Garden October~November
Amethyst Sage
The Garden is buried in 300,000 purple flowers and Amethyst sages. You feel taking a deep puple flower like velvet in your hand and tuching.

[ Chapter8 ] Bejeweled Flower Garden October~Februay

The ”Floral illumination garden”. where the whole garden is colored by illminations.
The illiminations which imagined light FUJI bloom , and ”miracle Big FUJI ” are flickers in a wind is the impression just like being real.

Each chapter is blessed with sevral hundred flowering plants and trees in attractive colors. We have set out to create a sophisticated seosonal flower garden that seeks to impress visitors with its quality rather than simply quantity. (ASHIKAGA FLOWER PARK website )
More than 1,000,000 visit persons in the year , are colored by each season and so many flowers.

[ ASHIKAGA Flower Park ]

ADRESS: 607-Hakumacho,Ashikaga-shi,Tochigi-Ken
TEL:+81 (0)284-91-4939

OPENING HOURS: Depnde of the season
March~November 9:00AM~18:00PM
November~March 10:00AM~17:00PM

ENTRANCE FEE: Depende of the Flower blooms
Adult 300yen~1200yen
child 200yen~800yen

WEBSITE: http://www.ashikaga.co.jp
★ Please check on website about the Flowering status. Now on ”Spring Flower Festival ”