Would you like to stay at one of the most popular places in Nikko, Kanto area? Would you be interested in trying very best buffet which is winner of the Best Buffet award? Why dont you try open air baths?

Asaya Hotel welcomes you all around the season!



The area is full of nature, and the architecture of the hotel is amazing. There are public baths, including baths that have a window that looks out on the nearby gorge. The guest rooms come in Japanese and Western styles, and are stocked with amenities.



You will enjoy a Japanese-style dinner menu featuring a serving of Tochigi Prefecture’s renown Tochigi Kuroge Wagyu beef steak.


The spectacular views of the mountains from our open-air bath are as pretty as a picture. Guest rooms in their refurbished wing and the ladies-only room are a hit with guests. Treat your tastebuds to our extravagant breakfast buffet .
In the evening, feast on delicious kaiseki cuisine served with fresh local and seasonal products.

Also you will have a wonderful time at bar, tea lounge and karaoke!

【Asaya Hotel】

Address: 813 Kinugawa onsentaki, Nikko, Tochigi
Tel: +(81) 288-77-1111