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Good Hangetsuyama Parking Lot 半月山駐車場  will looking for “true” ?

Famous Sightseeing in Nikko

Good Hangetsuyama Parking Lot 半月山駐車場 ★ Japan Royal Service

Good Hangetsuyama Parking Lot 半月山駐車場 is a little-known spot ! !


Mountain Hangetsuyama (半月山, also pronounced as Hangetsusan) is a mountain at the southeastern corner of Lake Chuzenji.

Hiking trails lead up to the top of the mountain. Near the summit there is an observation deck with great views of the Okunikko region including Lake Chuzenji and Mount Nantai. The Hangetsuyama Observatory is known as one of Nikko’s most spectacular spots, with a panoramic view of Hatchodejima. The scenery from the drive route on the way is also spectacular.

For those who want to enjoy hiking, we also recommend the walking path from the Hangetsuyama Daiichi Parking Lot on the way. The altitude of Mt. Hangetsu is 1,753 meters. It takes about 30 minutes on foot from the Hangetsuyama Daiichi Parking Lot to the summit, and about 1 hour from the summit to Tanukikubo on the shores of Lake Chuzenji, so you can fully enjoy the nature of Oku-Nikko even in a short time. It is a popular hiking trail that you can do.

Autumn Foliage at Hangetsuyama Observation Deck
From about mid October to early November each year, autumn colors add to the scenery viewed in Hangetsuyama Observation Deck, making this a popular autumn leaf viewing spot.

WHAT IS “ Hangetsuyama Observatory”?

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Hangetsuyama parking lot at the end of Lake Chuzenji Skyline. A further walk from there is the Hangetsuyama Observatory.

Hangetsuyama Parking Lot 半月山駐車場  (Hangetsuyama Observatory)is known as one of the most scenic spots in Nikko, where you can see Hatchodejima Island jutting out into Lake Chuzenji, Mt. . The scenery from the drive route along the way is also worth seeing.

For those who want to enjoy hiking, we also recommend the walking path from Hangetsuyama No. 1 parking lot on the way.

Best time to see autumn leaves (approximate)

Lake Yunoko/Yudaki:
Early to mid-October

Kotoku Ranch:

Mid-October (autumn leaves), late October [yellow leaves (larch)]


late September to early October (autumn foliage), early to mid-October (autumn foliage), late October [yellow leaves (larch)]

Ryuzu Waterfall:    early to mid-October
Lake Chuzenji:    Mid to late October
Kegon Falls:     mid- to late-October
Irohazaka:                     mid-to-late October

 Nikko City Tourism Association TEL 0288-22-1525

Word of review

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I have visited Nikko dozens of times, but this was my first visit to Hangetsuyama Observatory. Until now, they were satisfied with the view from the Lake Chuzenji observatory and did not think there was more. It was here that I grabbed the steering wheel and arrived at the place where I could enter unexpectedly. This time (November 21, 2020), the air was washed by the rain from the previous day, and the clouds and dirty air were blown away by the strong wind that day. Next time, I will definitely put it in one of my destinations.

Mr. Bald
First visit with shame

From the parking lot at the end of the Chuzenji-ko Skyline, climb the mountain for about 30 minutes to reach the observatory. You can see Lake Chuzenji with Mt. It's definitely a spectacular sight and well worth seeing. However, it was quite a climb, so it was tough for amateurs who were not accustomed to mountain climbing.

teddy bear
Superb view, but tough

A fixed-route bus leaves from Chuzenjiko Onsen for a limited time (usually until mid-October) to the observatory of Hangetsuyama, where you can overlook Lake Chuzenji, Nikko. You can take a shortcut here, but other than that, it is a scenic spot that you can reach by climbing halfway by car or by taking the Akechidaira Ropeway. (It's a bit of a tough course), but it's mountain climbing, so you'll need mountain climbing equipment. I reconfirmed that there are still many wonderful places in Nikko.

Solo trip Cinderella
A little-known spot with a superb view Nikko Hangetsuyama Observatory

Near area of the restaurant

Good Hangetsuyama Parking Lot 半月山駐車場 view of this sight seen

From the parking lot, if you climb a fairly steep descent for about 15 minutes, you will see a spectacular view in front of you. I feel like I'm trekking with many greetings and words of encouragement from people I pass by on the way. The platform is surprisingly small, and usually tourists don't stay long and take pictures by concessing each other, but camera enthusiasts set up a part of the observatory and took a picture for a long time. It's a pity that there are some people who have bad manners, even though it was a fun trip, with complaints from some people. The spirit of compromise is important.
worth the climb

Hangetsuyama parking lot ( Hangetsuyama Observatory )

General Information

Style: Good Hangetsuyama Parking Lot 半月山駐車場  ( Hangetsuyama Observatory )

Address: Chugu Shrine, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture 321-1661Japan 
Phone: 0288-53-3795 

* General prefectural road Chugu Shrine Ashio Line (commonly known as Chuzenjiko Skyline) is closed at night (17:00 to 7:00 the next morning)

Type of views

Impressions of preliminary inspection

Lake Chuzenji

The place I wanted to go the most this time.
I managed to reach Hangetsuyama Observatory after an unexpected climb.
Unexpectedly narrow and crowded.
So I can’t use the tripod I’ve worked so hard to carry
It was still a sight worth seeing.

Mt. Nantai

I went to Nikko. The itinerary was Hangetsuyama Observatory ~ Hangetsuzan Summit ~ Sanbonmatsu Observatory ~ Yutaki Falls ~ Yunoko ~ Takio Shrine.
Hangetsuyama Observatory is a leisurely trek of one and a half hours including the summit, but I was able to enjoy the wonderful panorama of late autumn.

Yudaki – small waterfall

I enjoyed the standard trip to Nikko.Oku-Nikko in summer is cool and green
Full of charm that is as good as the autumn foliage

Autumn leaves

through the clouds
in the spilled light
illuminated those season with autumn


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