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【Japan travel guide 】
Welcome here!
JAPAN.COM who advises you and influences the way your Japan travel.


This is Japan Royal Service.

What  you need to know before traveling, touring, sightseeing, etc

Japan’s borders are about to reopen to foreign tourists.

therefore, Japan Royal Service will tell you need to khow before traveling in japan.

confirmation of train manners Japan travel guide


I think most of tourists are use train when you move.

but it depends on the place in case you will use the taxi.

that’why you will use consider which one to use by location.

Japanese public transportation is characterized by its punctuality and its superb service include train and taxi.

That japan, Japan Royal Service have some manners when you ride on the train too.

Are there any manners that people should know about public transportation in your country?

I assume that a lot of manners about public transportation in your country.

There are three main manners about public transportation here.

1. Women only car Japan travel guide

The women-only cars were created a few years ago, as a safe place for women commuters.

The reason why there used to be a lots of groper on the trains.

It was impossible to see who did it. So it was very difficult for women to say something.

that is why the women-only cars were created in japan.

They are only for women only during the peak rush hours.

you should be carefully in case when you ride on the train.

2. Be quiet on the train Japan travel guide

In Japan, it is considered good manners not to talk on the train.

You shouldn’t have a cell phone conversation either.

When you really have to talk on the train, you need to speak in a volume that doesn’t bother others.

It’s not essential not to talk, but consideration for the people around you becomes important.

3.Form a line to get on a train Japan travel guide

The time of trains in Japan is accurate unless there is a special problem,

so even if you can’t get on the train,

it will take three or five minutes for the next train to arrive,

so you can get on without rushing.

No tipping in Japan


Compared to other countries, there is no culture of tipping in Japan.

In many cases, the service charge in Japan is included in the accommodation charge and the food charge.

If you have a tattoo, you can't take a hot spring bath.


Basically, if you have a tattoo, you can’t go to the hot spring, which is famous in Japan.

However, not all hot spring facilities will be unavailable, and there are hot spring facilities that you can use even if you have tattoos.

There are other places where tattoos can be used if they are hidden.

Japan does not discriminate against tattoos, but there are many people who do not have a good impression of tattoos.

However, among young people, tattoos are adopted as fashion, and prejudice against tattoos tends to improve gradually.

Not many Wi-Fi spots


Not many Wi-Fi spots

It is said that there are not as many Wi-Fi spots in Japan as in other countries.

So I recommend renting a mobile router when you travel to Japan.

Mobile routers should be prepared, especially in country side areas away from the city center, as there are no Wi-Fi spots.

Cash to pay


There are many places in Japan where you can use credit cards and electronic money, but compared to other countries, there are not many.

Therefore, I recommend that you bring cash when you come to Japan.

Then you won’t have to worry about the payment method in Japan.

In the end

How was it?

This article introduces things to watch out for in Japan.

There are various rules and manners that are not found in other countries in Japan.

Knowing these things will make your trip to Japan more comfortable.

However, trouble doesn’t occur so easily even if you don’t follow the rules and manners perfectly.

The first is to enjoy your trip to Japan.

See you again.

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