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Adventure World アドベンチャーワールド | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

Adventure World is a theme park that integrates a zoo, a public aquarium, and an amusement park in the town on Shirayama, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. It is operated by Hours Co., Ltd. (AWS), an affiliate of Marusue Co., Ltd. (real estate / construction industry) headquartered in Matsubara City, Osaka Prefecture.

When it first opened on April 22, 1978, it was called “Nanki Shirahama World Safari”. Under the theme of “contact between humans, animals, and nature,” facility will take on new challenges every day. It is a theme park with a style that is rare in Japan, with a zoo, an aquarium, and an amusement park. There are many facilities in the park, including a giant panda breeding exhibition and dolphin and sea lion shows. There are animal-themed restaurants and cafes in the park, as well as academic tours.

General Information
Address: 2399 Katada, Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama

Telephone: 0570-06-4481
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 17:00
Park Schedule: https://www.aws-s.com/en/guide/opening_hours/

Admission Fee
1Day Pass

Adult (Age 18+) 4,800 yen
Senior (Age 65+) 4,300 yen
Junior (Senior High Sschool & Junior High Sschool) 3,800 yen
Child (Elementary student Ages 4+) 2,800 yen

Online Purchase Ticket: https://adventureworld.co.jp/index.php

Ease of Access
Access by Train: Access from principal cities. Please take the fix-routed bus from JR Shirahama station (about 10 minutes)

Access by Bus:
From Kyoto: The Kyoutanabe highway bus or Kyoto station Hachijo exit (approx. 4hr)
From Osaka: Namba (OCAT) or JR highway bus terminal in Osaka station (approx. 3hr30min)
From Tokyo: Get off the bus at the Toretore-ichiba-mae from Yokohama, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Omiya, and please take the fix-routed bus (approx. 12hr)

Live & Attraction

  • Panda Love
  • Breeding Center
  • The Big Ocean
  • The Animal Land
  • Dolphin Friendly Pool
  • Center Dome & Sea Animals Museum
  • Safari World
  • Feeling Area
  • Family Square
  • Elephant Feeling Square
  • Wanwan Garden

Live & Attraction Schedule: https://www.aws-s.com/en/guide/schedule/

In Adventure World, there are large-scale zoo, aquarium and amusement park as one that you never get tired here.

Play Zone outdoors
Enjoy different outdoors game and entertainment facilities such as Merry-Go-Round, Ocean View Ferris Wheel and Big Adventure Rollercoaster.

A steak, an omlet containing fried rice, a seafood, our original curries. These and other delicious dishes Adventure World offer to enjoy on guests’ breaks from adventure.

Adventure World provide shipping to home for the Giant Panda, and other cute original goods along with the memories.

Social Media
Website: https://www.aws-s.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adventureworld.official/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adventureworld_official/