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Nihonryori RyuGin 龍吟 | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

Nihonryori Ryugin was originally established in a back street of Roppongi in 2003 as small Japanese restaurant, the restaurant rose to fame receiving the prestigious honor of being listed in the Michelin Guide as 3-Stars since 2012, and continuously receiving distinguished accolades of being selected in the top 10 as one of “Asia’s Best Restaurants” and one of the “World’s Best Restaurants” year after year.

After more than 15 year in Roppongi, in 2018 Yamamoto relocated his iconic restaurant to a plot three times the size of the original, now claiming nearly 5,000 square feet in Tokyo’s modern Hibiya Midtown luxury development. Diners pick between seats in the main dining room, one of two private rooms or one semi-private room.

RyuGin commands two overseas branches. Tenku RyuGin debuted seven years ago in Hong Kong, earning a place on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2014. One year later, Yamamoto opened Shoun RyuGin in Taipei, which nabbed its debut spot on the list in 2018.

Restaurant Information
Style: Michelin 3-stars Japanese style restaurant
Address: 7F Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, 1-1-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo
Telephone: 03-6630-0007
Opening Hours: 18:00 to 23:00 (Last entry at 20:00)

Number of Seats
40 in total
Private room 1 (6 to 8 people)
Private room 2 (5 to 8 people)
Semi private room (3 to 4 people)


Michelin Guide 3-Stars
The 20th in the S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2011
Chef Seiji Yamamoto was voted as the first ever American Express Icon Award winner, a prestigious accolade introduced to Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2019 and a fitting tribute to the man who has been one of Japan’s gastronomic luminaries for more than a decade and a half.


Table Seating: ¥44,000
Private Room / Semi-Private Room: ¥44,000
(Exclude tax and seating charge)

Food Menu & Beverages
The starting point of “Japanese cuisine” is to let customers taste the blessings of the seasons. The chefs firmly believe the “seasonal” ingredients existing all over Japan are the finest treasures of nature.

Restaurant Ryugin makes a wide range of “purchases” from all over the country daily. Depending on what’s in stock, the menu may slightly change. Specialty dishes and Chef Yamamoto’s specialties are prepared everyday. Please consider the number of items and the order of the course as a “tentative guide”.

Chef Seiji Yamamoto’s first aspirations as a chef were simply to impress his mother. In this attempt he built the foundations for a culinary career that would earn international acclaim. Immediately following culinary school, Yamamoto spent eleven years in the kitchen of Master Chef Hirohisa Koyama’s Aoyagi where he studied the art of kaiseki. His dedication was evident and eventually earned him a position as head chef at Tokushima Restaurant.

In December of 2003, Yamamoto opened his own restaurant, Nihonryori RyuGin, in Roppongi, Tokyo. Introducing traditional kaiseki cuisine to the techniques of molecular gastronomy piqued the curiosity of the world, and the chef continues to hold our attention. In major international culinary events such as Madrid Fusion, the French Omnivore Food Festival, and the StarChefs.com International Chef Congress, Chef Yamamoto represents Japan time and again.

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