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Train Suite Shikishima 四季島 | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

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The Shiki-Shima, means “Island of Four Seasons,” is a homophone for an old name of Japan, Shikishima. The train is designed by Ken Okuyama, known for his luxury-car work with Ferrari, Maserati, and Porsche. Travelling on the Train Suite Shikishima, one of the world’s most exclusive and expensive trains, guests can experience the hidden depths of Japan, enjoy the sheer beauty of the fleeting of time. Taking a train trip in eastern Japan is definitely a truly extraordinary lifetime experience. This is the very essence of Shiki-shima.

Company Information
Company Name: East Japan Railway Company (JR East)
Address: 7-17 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo-to
Enquiry Email: 01D1904@jreast.co.jp

General Information
Style: Luxury cruising train
Train style: Ten-coach train
Start operation day: May 1, 2017
Capacity: Up to thirty-four passengers
Price range:
Begin at ¥370,000 per person for a 2D1N course.
Begin at ¥800,000 per person for a 4D3N course based on double occupancy in a Suite room.
The price for single travellers is roughly 1.5 times that of double occupancy.

Social Media
Website: http://www.jreast.co.jp/shiki-shima/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trainsuiteshikishima

History of luxury cruising train
Before the advent of the shinkansen bullet train in 1964, luxury trains, which also called “blue sleeper trains,” were a common sight across Japan. These trains were designed, not only as an efficient mode of transportation but as an experience in themselves.

In recent years, however, the use of luxury trains has largely given way to the rapid travel offered by the shinkansen. The last of the “blue trains” ceased operation in 2015. While some have called this “the end of an era,” luxury seekers are not to be disappointed by Japan’s all-new line up of first-class rail accommodations. Beginning in spring 2017, JR East and JR West launched two “cruise trains” for upgrading the whole traveling enjoyment.

Prologue Shiki-shima プロローグ四季島
The Train Suite Shiki-Shima journey begins with lounge Prologue Shiki-shima,

A Train Suite Shiki-shima journey starts in the heart of Tokyo, at JR Ueno Station, one of the busiest stations in Tokyo. The whole train journey begins with lounge Prologue Shiki-shima, as guests wait to board the train, they can relax at this private lounge.
Prologue Shiki-shima is also designed by Ken Okuyama, and is a luxurious and deeply relaxing space that gives guests a prologue of the exciting journey that awaits onboard the Train Suite Shiki-shima.

Cars/ Rooms
The Train Suite Shiki-Shima features ten cars with a capacity of thirty-four passengers. Six cars house and seventeen rooms, each lavishly decorated in contemporary Japanese style. The rooms include western style beds, as well as traditional Japanese tables and seating. The suite includes a bath constructed of Japanese cypress. The remaining four cars are designated for dining, a lounge, and sightseeing cars for viewing the scenery. The aptly named “glass train” has floor to ceiling windows along the carriages.

Lounge Komorebi [Car 5]:
Lounge Komorebi, the entrance of the Train Suite Shiki-shima, where a cosy corner of sofas awaits them. This car is home to Lounge Komorebi (LOUNGE こもれび), where guests can relax and unwind.
Lounge Komorebi is also a home to the train’s drink bar, where guests can enjoy an original cocktail or light meal. With the exception of meal service hours, dedicated staff are always on standby at the bar counter.

Dining Shiki-shima [Car 6]
Located in Car 6, the dining car Dining Shiki-shima (DININGしきしま) looks like an elegant, fine-dining restaurant, with most seats situated by the window and offering fantastic views. Its centrepiece is the exclusively designed chandelier, which emits a soft light that creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere and complements the wooden furnishings. Combined with the gentle rumbling of the train as it runs along its route, a meal in on the Train Suite Shiki-shima is simply unforgettable.

Shiki-shima Suite Room [Car 7]
Car 7, Shiki-shima Suite Room is the priciest and most luxurious of all the room types. The Suite is a maisonette-type room with the beds on the lower level and a tatami living room space on the upper level. Situated right next to the windows, the tatami resting space offers a relaxing vibe and great views of the passing surroundings, and even has a heater to keep guests warm in the chillier months.

Deluxe Suite Room [Car 7]
Located next to the Shiki-shima Suite, the stylish and elegant Deluxe Suite located at car 7, features high ceilings, large windows, and a fireplace. For safety reasons, the fireplace is an artificial one with no real flames, but it still provides the heat, sound, and glow that a real fireplace would.

Suite Room [Car 2, 3, 4, 8, 9]
The Train Suite Shiki-shima’s 15 Suite rooms are spread out over car 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9, with three rooms in each car. Around each room, guests will find that the décor and furniture have been meticulously crafted and curated, incorporating delicate designs and traditional Japanese craftsmanship in a modern way. For example, each Suite room is finely furnished with wall panels that use rare Joboji lacquer from Iwate Prefecture, and wooden closets are designed to resemble traditional chests from Sendai City. All Suite rooms are equipped with a shower and a toilet, and like the Deluxe Suites, sofas are transformed into beds at night.

View Terrace Kizashi and View Terrace Ibuki [Car 1, 10]
Car 1 and 10 are the observatory Cars, where guests can enjoy the breathtaking and diverse views of the idyllic countryside, lush forests, and sparkling sea while staying on the train. Enjoying these constantly changing views during different seasons is one of the attractions of a trip on Train Suite Shiki-shima, and the best place to enjoy these views are from the observation spaces: View Terrace Kizashi (VIEW TERRACEきざし) and View Terrace Ibuki (VIEW TERRACEいぶき).

At Train Suite Shikishima, each meal was different on the various days of the trip, there was a different head chef for each experience, from French cuisine, to a Japanese style Bento Box for lunch and dinner.

Train Suite Shiki-shima Trips

On Train Suite Shiki-shima’s exciting range of journeys, you can experience Japan’s rich, beautiful nature and the unique culture that permeates Japan’s local industries and daily life, with the leisurely pace and comfortable space that only a luxury train can provide.

4 Day / 3 Night Trip
Experience a tapestry of natural beauty and timeless culture passed down through generations.

Trip period: Spring – Autumn
Departing from April through Nobember
Itinerary: Ueno Station > Hakodate > Southern Hokkaido > Ueno

2 Day / 1 Night Trip(Yamanashi)
Experience the essence of a wealthy merchant from days gone by, nurtured by the port city, and the abundant gifts of the mountain villages.

Trip period: Spring – Autumn
Scheduled to start in April, 2022
Itinerary: Ueno Station > Niigata > Yamanashi Prefectures > Ueno

2 Day / 1 Night Trip(Nagano)
Experience the essence of a wealthy merchant from days gone by, nurtured by the port city, and the abundant gifts of the mountain villages.

Trip period: Spring – Autumn
Departing from June through September
Itinerary: Ueno Station > through Niigata > Nagano Prefectures > Ueno

Applications for Train Suite Shiki-shima can be made online.
A ride on the Train Suite Shiki-shima is different from any other train ride. The reservation is more than purchasing a tickets online. The experience is only sold as a travel package.
With the limited number of rooms, participants will be selected via a lucky draw. Due to the limited availability, applications are usually open around 6–8 months in advance.

Application: https://www.jreast.co.jp/shiki-shima/en/application.html