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Ago Bay Islands Cruise 賢島遊覧船組合 | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

Ago Bay Islands Cruise styled after the Spanish tall ship of the 16th century Age of Exploration. The ship elegantly cruises in the Ago bay with 60 over small islands and pearl oyster rafts. The name of the ship “Esperanza” means “Hope” in Spanish. The cruiser is a sailboat with 3 masts, and is a motif of a carrack in the Spanish Age of Discovery. During the cruise, the ship stops at a model pearl factory where you can watch the nucleus feeding operation of cultured pearls.

General Information
Address: Kashikojima Shinmei, Ago-cho, Shima-shi, Mie

Telephone: 0599-43-1048
Opening Hours: 9:00 – 15:00 (Irregular Service)
Holiday: No fixed holiday (caused by the weather)
Cruise Time: 50 minutes
Capacity: 70 people


Ticket Fee
Adult (Age 12 and over): 1,800 JPY
Child (Age 6 to 11): 700 JPY
Under Age of 5: Free

Ease of Access
1 Minute walk from Kintetsu Kashikojima Station.
It is a boarding place approximately 50m from the port area exit.

Shima City
Shima city is located within Ise-Shima National Park in Mie Prefecture. It is an area accessible by car or a direct train on Kintetsu Line from Osaka (Namba), Kyoto and Nagoya Station. Though it is a small town with a population of 50 thousand, the area is filled with spectacular sceneries and fantastic gourmet experiences. Shima, by its famous ria coastline, is praised by the pilots by having the most beautiful landscape in Japan that can be seen above the sky.

Ago Bay
Ago Bay, dotted with 64 islands, has long been an area where pearl cultivation flourished, and nowadays their cultivation techniques have been conveyed around the world. Blessed with bounty of fresh seafood, this area has also been called “Miketsukuni (land of royal provisions)” where local food products were dedicated to the emperor and his/her families. Today the tradition still continues by giving offerings to Ise Jingu Shrine.

Ise-ebi (spiny lobster), abalone, Anori puffer-fish, Matoya Oyster are designated as Mie Brand, and are especially popular as high-end food products. Shima boasts the largest catch of marine products by Ama (female skin divers) in Japan, and many tourists from the world come to savor the fresh seafood. Among the area, “Ama Hut SATOUMIAN” is a popular tourist spot where travelers have a chance to meet and chat with real Ama. This website introduces you to the charm and attraction of Shima City. We hope that this website helps you find the things you wish to know, see or experience in Shima. We look forward to your visit here in Shima City.

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