Have you ever heard of Sheep Mountain Park?

Sheep Mountain Park -Hitsujiyama Park-  (does’t have sheep though) is located in Chichibu in Saitama pref, next to Tokyo.


There is soft and fluffy flower carpet filling up very large site of sheep mountain Park in spring!


The ground pink flower space is piled up and blown quietly by spring breeze of sweet flavor…

This is actally a new famous spot of Chichibu “hill of ground pink” in sheep mountain Park!


The planting area of the ground pink is planted in order to be able to see as “fine” shapes.

The area is approximately 17,600m2, nine kinds, approximately 400,000 stocks. It is the beginning of May from the middle of April at flowering time of ground pink.

In addition, it is famous spot of cherry tree of Chichibu and you will find Yoshino cherry trees in spring.


10,000 blue flags will bloom in early summer, say from June to July.

This is also beautiful and feel really comfortable and relax.


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Address: Hitsujiyama park, Chichibu, Saitama
Tel: Tel: +81) 494-25-5209