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2022 The 5 Best Waterfalls to see Autumn Leaves in Nikko Japan | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

Autumn is one of the most delightful and amazing seasons to visit in Japan. In Nikko, autumn leaves season brings a lot of visitors from all around the world.

Time to plan your 2022 Japan Autumn Leaves trip! Today, we are going to show you the best 5 waterfalls in Nikko to visit during Autumn Leaves Season! 

Autumn Leaves in Nikko

Nikko locates in the northwestern part of Tochigi Prefecture. It is best known for its amazing and rich nature, plus sightseeing spots such as waterfalls, shrines, temples, garden, mountain and valley, which makes Nikko the perfect place to visit during Autumn. The autumn leaves season in Nikko is long because of the wide range in elevation from the mountains of the Okunikko region to the Nikko town area down in the valley.

The Best Time to See Autumn Leaves in Nikko

Fall color vibrancy is completely dependent on weather. In general, between mid October and Late October is the best time when fall colors in Nikko reach their peak. The most beautiful viewing time at each spot lasts about 2 weeks or longer, depending on the weather condition.

2022 Japan Autumn Foliage Forecast

The Japan Meteorological Corporation has not released autumn foliage forecasts yet. The season will likely begin in mid-September 2022 for Northern Japan, with November 2022 being the peak month for Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, mid October to mid November in Mt Fuji area, mid to late October in Nikko and mid to late November in Hakone.

Where is the Best Place to enjoy Autumn Leaves in Nikko?

There are loads of must-see autumn spots in Nikko. Enjoying colorful autumn leaves with waterfalls can be a good choice. Here are 5 recommendations for you.

1. Nikko Autumn Color Spots, Taiko Oroshi Falls 太閤下ろしの滝

Taiko Oroshi Falls is a waterfall located along the Nichien Momiji Line in Nikko Prefecture. It is named because Hideyoshi Taiko went down there and looked at its beauty.

Taiko Oroshi Falls opens year-around. People can enjoy the beautiful scenery of four seasons, with fresh green in spring, lilies in summer, colored leaves in autumn, and a snowy landscape in winter.

2.Autumn Foliage In Nikko - Nijimi Falls 虹見の滝

Nikko is famous for Autumn Foliage and Nijimi Falls is one of the best spot to enjoy Autumn in Nikko. Nijimi Falls is a waterfall of Ryuo Valley located in Nikko. The name of the waterfall Nijimi means rainbow view, because rainbow always appears around the waterfall.

Visitors can enjoy the clear waters, dramatic rock formations, dense woods and leaves that are fresh and green in the springtime and crisply red and yellow in autumn.

3.Kirifuri Falls 霧降の滝

Kirifuri Falls (霧降の滝, Kirifuri no taki) is an impressive, 75 meter high, two-tiered waterfall located below the Kirifuri Highlands, a few kilometers northeast of the temples and shrines of Nikko. The sight of the elegant falls cascading down the mountain provides a nice contrast to the surrounding foliage, which is lush and green in spring and summer and displays fiery shades of red, orange and gold in autumn.

The name Kirifuri means “falling mist” after the fine mist that is created when the water crashes against the rocks at the bottom of the lower falls. The view may occasionally be obscured when mist or fog covers the valley. It used to be possible to hike down to the base of the waterfalls, but the trail down the mountain partially collapsed several years ago and has been closed ever since.

Instead, the waterfall can be seen from a wooden observation deck built high up on the mountain across the valley from the falls. The observation deck is located a ten minute walk down a mostly paved trail from the parking lot and bus stop, where you will also find two restaurants and public toilets. Autumn colors in the area are usually best around late October to early November.

4.Choji no Taki 丁字滝

Choji no Taki is one of the three Kirifuri Hidden Waterfalls. The height is about 10 meters, but the amount of water is large and the power is perfect. The appearance of falling vigorously is worth a look.

5.Tamasudare Falls 玉簾の滝

Tamasudare Fall is one of the Kirifuri Hidden waterfalls. The waterfall is less than 10 meters high, but the water that slides down is like a “ball blind”. It is in the middle of the hiking course “Kirifuri Kogen Daisen Course”.

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