Funado sakura matsuri

Funado sarkura matsuri is opened 27th March 2016 at Ukima park. The park is a place of full nature. You will s […]

Blue Forest Park

Aoba no mori koen; Blue Leaf Forest Park is the nature park in Chiba. If you would like to be relaxed and feel […]

Chiba Port Tower

Once you enter Chiba, you probably see high tower. That’s the Chiba Port Tower and is located in Chiba P […]

Hotel The Manhattan in Chiba

You difinately need to find out luxury hotel in Chiba when you are planning to come and see Chiba, then Hotel […]

Ichikawa Ryotei Tochigiya

Just a few minutes from Ichikawa Station, in the middle of town area, very quiet space will be spread. It is J […]

Steak House Mihashi

Opened two decades ago, Nikko’s first steak house Mihashi has always been popular for not only local Jap […]