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Wholesale Market Osaka

Wholesale Market in Osaka

Have you ever seen or visited Japanese wholesale markets? Do you know about Osaka Municipal Central wholesale Markets? This is the place for supermarkets, restaurant owners and retailers but there, there are restaurants to eat fresh seafood or meals for visitors!!


As you might know Japan has four seasons and each region has special products.
Every morning, fresh fruits in season and met safety standards are carried into the market. This is the wholesale maektes.


Today we introduce Uogashi tachibana; sushi and seafood restaurant in there.
They opened in 2005 for customers with having kindful feeling that they want to serve fresh seafood with reasonable prices. They use not only fresh food but also high quality food and provide their original fresh seefood cuisines everyday.


Course meals are available includes sashimi, sushi, tofu etc. If you like, you can order “all-you-can-eat; bufet” style.

At the restaurant, they have private Japanese style rooms, counter and tables. In fact, it is located in the market, 16 floors of the building so that you will see panorama Osaka city viewing all the time. Especially, after sunset, you ill enjoy illumination of Osaka city and during the summer season; fire worls season, it will be in front of you!


【Uogashi Tacibana】

Address: 1-1-86, Noda, Fukushima, Osaka
Hour: 11:00~22:00

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