Togetsukyo Bridge Kyoto

Famous Spot in Kyoto : Togetsukyo Bridge.

Have you been there?

The Togetsu-kyo Bridge is a landmark in Kyoto Arashiyama District for more than 400 years, and it spans the Oi River. This bridge, which is famous for its cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in autumn, enhances the elegance of Arashiyama.


In fact, we can enjoy seeing the bridge through all seasons. Look at this beautiful scenery!



Togetsu means “moon crossing” in Japanese. The present bridge, designed as if it melts into the beautiful scenery of Arashiyama, was completed in 1934. It’s also enjoyable to go boating in this area.


The bridge has often been used in historical films. It is also a popular place for feeding carp, or watching cormorant fishing in the late summer. Young boys and girls first receive a blessing from a local temple and then make their way across the bridge under orders to do so without looking back. If one ignores this instruction, it is said to bring bad luck as a result, so the stakes are high!

【Togetsuyo Bridge】
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