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Restaurant Grand Pacific Le DAIBA

Enjoy Hotel Restaurant!


You can enjoy the great dining at this elegant hotel at Odaiba!
The hotel is located 20minutes from Haneda International Airport and a mere 15minutes from the central business area.

Grand Pacific LE DAIBA is the perfect place to have special dining time!
In fact, there are 9 restaurants in the hotel, Japanese, Chinese, Sushi, Teppanyaki, Italian, bar and cafe.

One of the most famous and beautiful restaurant is Hamayu which serves teppanyaki. Hamayu is a teppanyaki restaurant that has a stunning view of Tokyo Bay from the window on the top floor of the hotel.

Have you evertried Edo-style sushi? If not why not try? Fresh seafood and seasonal items carefully selected by the proficiently skilled chef are transformed into Edo-style sushi.

At Japanese restaurant; Oshima, you can enjoy Japanese cuisine where tradition is applied to modern times.

Once you enter dining places, you will have unforgettable time.

*opening hours varies with restaurants.

【Grand Pacific Le DAIBA】

Address: 2-6-1, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +(81) 3-5500-6711

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