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Nikko Kanaya Hotel

This Nikko Kanaya Hotel is the most famous accommodation in Nikko.
It is known as a classic hotel which is opened more than 140 years ago. Nikko became a forest resort place and the hotel was born as the resort hotel for foreign residents in Meiji era.

Nikko Kanaya Hotel 1
Nikko Kanaya Hotel 1

In this hotel, you can enjoy Japanese classical western architecture and traditional Japanese style, along with beautiful western furniture.

Nikko Kayana Hotel is the oldest resort hotel in Japan, opened in 1873 and loved by lots of renowned people.
The hotel has been registered as Registered Tangible Cultural Properties.
Japanese culture and western culture are well blended into the hotel, which allow you an incredible experience.

The hotel is located walking distance from many of Nikko’s sightseeing attractions such as Rino-ji or Nikko Toshogu shrine. Easy to check in after your sightseeing or you can drop your luggage at the hotel before you go those World Heritage.

Nikko Kanaya Hotel 2
Nikko Kanaya Hotel 2


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