Not only Kyoto but also Nara is the one where you should visit to see!!

Horyuji Temple was founded in 607 by Shotoku-taishi, who is credited with the early promotion of Buddhism in Japan. Horyuji Temple is one of the country’s oldest temples and contains the world’s oldest surviving wooden structures. It was designated a world heritage in 1993.



Today, Horyuji is composed of the Western Precinct, which is centered around the Five-Story Pagoda and the Main Hall, and the Eastern Precinct, which is arranged around the Hall of Visions.


In fact, Horyuji contains over 2,300 important cultural and historical structures and articles, including nearly 190 that have been designated as National Treasures or Important Cultural Properties. In 1993, as a unique storehouse of world Buddhist culture, it became the first treasure in Japan and to be selected by UNESCO as part of the World Heritage.



If you are interested in Japanese cultures or temples in Japan, Kyoto is the one you should visit and of course Nara prefecture as well!

【Horyuji; Horyuji-Temple】

Address: 1-1 Horyuji Sannai, Ikaruga, Ikoma, Nara
Tel: +(81)  745 75 2555
Hour: 8:00~17:00

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