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Restaurant Mokushundo in Hotel Chinzanso

Luxury hotel Chinzanso has a superb Japanese cuisine restaurant in. That is Mokushundo restaurant. It is also famous for Japanese style house.


You can bask in the sight of the Japanese gardens and changing seasons, as they enjoy Italian, French and Japanese cuisine.


Tucked away in a quiet grove in the garden, Restaurant Mokushundo, which offers stone-cooked dishes using lava rock from World Heritage Site Mt. Fuji, is especially popular.


The infrared heating produced by using lava rock results in tender and delicious Japanese beef, seafood and fresh vegetable dishes. Dressed in traditional Japanese garb, restaurant staff stone-scorch each meal to perfection.



The restaurant has an early 20th-century retro appeal.

【Mokushundo Dinind in Hotel Chinzanso】
Address: 10-8, Sekiguchi 2-chome, Bunkyo, Tokyo
Tel: +(81) 3943-1111
Lunch 11:30~
Dinner 17:00~

photos taken from official website.


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