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Flower Garden Nikko Hana Ichi Monme

Have you been to Flower Paradise in Nikko?


Many many beautiful flowers can be enjoyed all year round in Nikko!
It should be approximately 4000 square meters, Begonia Garden, which boasts one of the largest in the north of Kanto, “Nikko Hana Ichi Monme”.

In the two large and small greenhouse, you can watch all the year round full bloom of flowers by a system of air conditioning and irrigation. Iit is kept below 25 ℃ room temperature 15 ℃ or more.
Including the bulb begonia spread overhead one side, a total of 8000 bowls, please enjoy the spectacular flowers of about 600 varieties!!


Begonia, and species of more than 2,000 species, it is said that there is a hybrid of more than 15,000. Species are distributed all over the world in tropical and subtropical with the exception of Australia, especially of through Brazil from Mexico Central and South America, in the area of the through Southeast Asia from southern China, many species have been distributed.

From that distribution to adapt to various environments, it has become a rich in very change Ichishoku. A common feature is, to have a leaf of the left-right asymmetry, is that it is dioecious flowers.
It has been botany on a variety of classification, but gardening on are divided into groups, such as bulb begonia, grove of begonia,rex begonia, ella thiol begonia and so on. Have you heard of these name? If not, just check with them there!


They sell products from their own farm and sell cheap things with good quality stocks pot flower of the four seasons that was brought up in the park.

Phalaenopsis is a flower pot to be very pleased as gifts.


There are also 5 different cafes adn restaurants, so you will just relax with seeing beautiful flowers there!

Why not come?

【Nikko Hana ichi monme】

Address: 800 Sakanoshita, Kosagoe, Nikko, Tochigi
Tel: +(81) 288-77-0866
Hour: 9:00~16:30


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