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Flower festival at Kokuei Shouwa kinen park


Flower festival is opened from 17th March to 22th May at Kokuei Shouwa kinen park. It costs 410 yen for adult, 80yen for child, 210 yen for adult (over 65 years old).

The park “Kokuei kinen park” is 180hectares, and its include over 31 species 1500 cherry blossoms are planted.



Before Cherry blossoms will be blooming, Plums will be a good time to see.


Do you think it will be hard to look around?

For those kind people, there is a solution.

In the park, peoples are enjoying to ride the Segway.


You will see the rich nature in urban city without feeling fatigue.

It is good time to spend to relax and feeling wind.


Midorimachi 3173 Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo

Tel: 042-528-1751


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