Daibutsuden in Nara

Let’s see Daibutsuden!

The Todaiji Temple (“Great Eastern Temple”) is one of the historical most important temples in Japan. The main hall of the temple is called Daibutsuden. Dai means Big, butsu means Buddha and den means like a hall. It is the world’s largest wooden building and it was finally completed in 752.


The main hall was destroyed twice by fire in its history. The last reconstruction took place in 1709. The Todaiji Temple is till today the Japanese headquarter of the Kegon school of Buddhism.


In every March and August, there are historical festivals there. Especially in March, the festival will last 14 days and priests pray for world peace, rich harvest and confess their sins. Priests make huge pine torches through corridors of the Nigatsu-do Hall. It is said that if you get hit by these fire sparks no evil will harm you.



During Omizutori ceremony(omizu means water, tori means take out or collect), water is being collected by priests infront of the Todaiji Temple. It is believed this water has the power to cure diseases. It is quite a special events.

In August, hundreds of thousands of candles are lit everywhere in Nara at the evening. Enjoy this special atmosphere in the Nara Park, temples and gardens.




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